Easter Mini Session

I can’t believe how fast time flies, the end of winter will soon be here… It’s good to stay positive, but let’s not kid ourselves, it’s PEI Canada. We still have a few months of winter ahead of us, but we can sure pretend it’s spring.  I’m so excited for these Easter Mini-Sessions. I have three sets to choose from and if your little ones do well and time permits, we can do more than one set. My goal for this session is to get you one really great picture you will be excited to display in your home. This can be more challenging to capture for some children and easier for others. I try my hardest to make it a fun and enjoyable session for both parents and children. This a great opportunity to capture memories of your little ones at an AMAZING PRICE!

Three Session Dates are available:
Thursday, March 8th 9 am- 2:30 pm
Friday, March 9th 3 pm- 7 pm
Saturday, March 10th (additional $20 fee will be applied for a weekend date) 9 am- 11 am

With each session, you will get to choose one portrait to receive as an 8 x 10 mounted print with a special laminated finish. The mounted print also comes with a locally made, custom farmhouse frame, both valued at $120. After your session, you will have an ordering appointment (Dates for ordering appointments are March 12, 13 & 14) to decide which image you would like for your printed portrait. Additional products may be purchased at your ordering appointment. There is no obligation to order anything you don’t love!

Children must be of sitting age unless accompanied by an older sibling who can hold them safely. If you would like to book a session please send me an email at dawnofdestiny@live.ca or send me a message through my contact page by clicking here. You can also see available times and book a session by clicking here -> Book Appointment. This link can also be used to book a time for your ordering session.

The Session Fee must be received in full to guarantee your session time. If the fee is not received 24 hours following the booking of a session time, it will not be guaranteed and will once again be made available to the public.

EasterMini Session-5x5





sweeties newborn girl

This little girl was a dream to photograph. No joke. Every newborn photographer dreams of that baby that sleeps through the entire session… I might have found her.  She had several costume changes, multiple props and a few photos with mom and dad before she woke up right at the end of the session. I didn’t want to push my luck because we already had so many great shots.  We had to reschedule this session twice because of bad weather, I’m so glad we finally found a day that worked for mom and dad and at a time that worked out perfectly for her as well!

Her mom and dad contacted me a few months before she was born and told me they were “big-time nerds” (mom’s words not mine). They wanted a fun photoshoot, with Star Wars and Harry Potter themes. I was so excited because Harry Potter is an all-time favorite in my home. Because they were overseas when they first contacted me, we sent several emails back and forth so I could get a feel for what they had in mind and we decided on a few color themes. Typically I schedule an in-person consultation in my studio or find a time to have a consultation over the phone so that my clients and I can be clear on the details of the photoshoot. But with 14 hours in the difference between my studio in Warren Grove, PEI and China, we made it work with the emails.

On the day of the photoshoot, they brought some really great fun props including a newborn Yoda bonnet and some stuffed plush characters. It’s always great to capture the beauty of a sleeping baby, I know with my own I often wished I had a magic wand and knew the spell that would get them to sleep. All these Pictures were captured in my home studio that is 5 minutes from Charlottetown and Cornwall Prince Edward Island.

Family PhotoNewborn Photos Digital BackdropNewborn PhotosMother and daughter portraitNewborn PhotosNewborn PhotosNewborn Family PhotosNewborn PhotosHarry Potter Newborn PhotosHarry Potter Newborn Photosstar wars Newborn Photographystar wars Newborn PhotographyNewborn PhotographyNewborn PhotographyNewborn PhotographyNewborn PhotographyNewborn Photos Digital Backdrop

elephant newborn Photo

Valentine’s Cake Smash

This session was so fun to plan. Mom came to me and said she wanted a Valentine’s cake smash session for her little girl whose birthday is on Valentine’s Day. I was so excited and had so many ideas. There are so many options for Valentine’s Day. We decided on a white backdrop with lots of reds and pinks. I hand made the banner, puffs, and hearts, which I think look so adorable!!  We got her outfit custom made from the My Darling Shayna shop. My Darling Shayna always does an amazing job and I knew she would provide us with the perfect outfit. I found the cutest little pink buckets while I was finishing my grocery shopping… I had a full cart of groceries and two little ones in tow, but I knew I needed them for this shoot and I think they look perfect.

I put every effort into my custom sets to make them perfect for my clients. I don’t just customize the sets, I also make the cake!! I went with a light pink icing with some heart cake toppers. The toppers were pulled off and landed on the floor the instant the cake was set in front of this little one (I wasn’t expecting them to last, but I got a quick shot in before they were pulled from the cake).  Her big brother also came along to the session and he was eyeing up the cake from the moment they came in, so I told him he could go in for a couple pictures to help feed his sister. He was so great and was sure to get a little taste for himself! I love it when big siblings tag along because we get to capture this fun moment in time with them as well.

Check out the pictures below to see their adorable cuteness! This session was photographed in my home studio in Warren Grove, Prince Edward Island. We are 5 minutes from Charlottetown and Cornwall. I am a full-service photographer and love helping my clients get the best quality photos for their home.

First years portraits First years portraits First years portraits Cake Smash Cake Smash Cake Smash Cake Smash Cake Smash Cake Smash Cake Smash

Pink Cake Smash

I had the pleasure to photographing this sweet little lady. She didn’t give me any smiles until her bath lol. It was worth the wait! She loved her cake and made a big mess. (My favorite!) Shes just learning to stand alone and we got a few shots of her standing!! yah!  This is a custom set just for this little lady. Send me a message if your interested in cake smash. I do all my session in my home studio in Warren Grove PEI. 5 minutes from Charlottetown and Cornwall. Check out some of her adorable pictures.
Vintage baby portraits Vintage flower shopPink Cake SmashPink Cake SmashPink Cake SmashPink Cake SmashPink Cake SmashPink Cake SmashPink Cake SmashPink Cake Smash & splash

Winter wonderland Cake Smash

I was so excited when a good friend asked me to do her little ones cake smash pictures. They have been returning clients for years.  I love photographing their sweet family. But this time it was all about this baby girl! Check out these amazing pictures we were able to capture in my photography studio in Warren Grove, Minutes from Charlottetown and Cornwall PEI

First Year PortraitsFlower Bonnet CutieCake Smash Photography Cake Smash Photography Cake Smash Photography Cake Smash Photography Cake Smash Photography Cake Smash Photography Cake Smash Photography Cake Smash Photography Cake Smash Photography Cake Smash Photography

Glamour Star Cake Smash

I had to much fun working with mom to create this stunning cake smash set. I love the stars, I’ve seen so many creations with star sets in the photography world, but this is my favorite by far. This little gal is so tinny and walking all over the place. I came out with the cake on one of my tall cake stand and thought this is almost taller than her. We switched it mid-session haha. She loved playing with the cake spatula (I have no clue what the real name to this wonderful tool is) She was banging the cake spatula on the cake and cake was flying all over the studio. I couldn’t help but laugh and capture those sweet moments on film (ok digital.. not film. but film sounds better lol). She loved her set and at one point went off with the balloons 🙂 and the puffs. You can’t get any cuter than this little sweetie. I enjoyed every moment capturing this wonderful cake smash session at my studio in Warren Grove Prince Edward Island. Warren Grove is minutes from Charlottetown and Cornwall.

First Year portraitcake smash photography cake smash photography cake smash photography

cake smash photography cake smash photography cake smash photography cake smash photography cake smash photography cake smash photography

Family photos

I had the pleasure to photographing these sisters and there families 🙂 It was so cold and chilly but we managed to get some really great photos at my Studio in Warren Grove Prince Edward Island. Here are some of there top photos. IMG_9344IMG_9331IMG_9282IMG_9274IMG_9318IMG_9379IMG_9368_2

Wild One Cake Smash

I can’t believe how fast a year goes by. It seems like yesterday I was photographing this little guys newborn pictures. I was so excited when mom told me she wanted to do a cake smash and do a theme off the book ” where the wild things are”. I love doing themed sets. They are so adorable. Check out thi handsome boys pictures from his cake smash session.


first year portrait boy first year portrait boy Christmas Pictures Wild one cake smashWild one cake smashWild one cake smashIMG_0305WEBIMG_0277WEBWild one cake smashWild one cake smashWild one cake smash

Cake Smash Upgrade

Do you have a little one with a birthday coming up this year?  If so, now is the time to book their cake smash session. Until January 31st I’m offering a free upgrade to my Custom Themed Cake Smash for the same price as the Basic Cake Smash Session. That’s $100 in savings with all the added bonuses. Themed sessions are so much fun because you get to pick the theme that would best suit your child, or decide to match your home decor.  Everything you would need for a cake smash session is included in this price, the cake, outfit, props, and even a bath. We capture all the splashes!!  Parents, you are encouraged to bring an extra outfit for yourselves because things get messy!! Cake Smashes are not just for one year olds. These are great for any age!! Why not a 2, 5, …. 50, 90, or 100 year old Cake Smash Session (If you can find me a person that is 100 years or older willing to do this,  I’ll do their session for free!)

For a limited time – $200 | Custom Themed Cake Smash |
(Regular price – $300)

Pre-session consultation in studio or over the phone
1 Year portraits, cake smash & bath session in the studio.
Custom cake smash with the desired theme. Includes set, props, cake smash outfit, and custom cake to match the set.
$200 print credit included. Can be used to purchase digital images or printed product at your in-studio ordering appointment, 2-3 weeks after your photo session. Digital files are not included in session fee but can be purchased with print credit



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Some fun themes I would love to capture in 2018  
*donuts, ( either pink and girly donut glam or truly Canadian Tim’s fan
*baseball, soccer, basketball or hockey fans
*construction cake smash
*mermaids or under the sea
*dr. Seuss
*farmers market
*winter wonderland

Baby Kitten Pictures

My sister has been looking for the perfect kitten for over a year or more now. Every time she has her heart set on an adorable kitten it was sold or spoken for. A friend of mine was finding new homes for some kittens and she sent some pictures, Sure enough the kitten my sister fell in love with was called for. She again was heart broke. A few weeks later that same friend email me and said the kittens available if you guys want it. So me and my family (yep all 6 of us) went on a little adventure. We picked up the kitten and then went shopping for all the supplies, We then surprised my sister with an adorable package. HER BABY KITTEN…. My sister was overjoyed. We are welcoming Lulu into our family with open arms. I thought a photoshoot would be fun with my new niece kitten. So here is what we got.


kitten pictureskitten pictureskitten pictureskitten pictureskitten pictureskitten pictureskitten pictureskitten pictures