“Cookies are for closers”- Boss Baby

Cake smash themed sessions are so much fun!
This little guy parent came to me while they was on vacation in Prince Edward Island and wanted a cake smash for their little fellow that was about to turn one. Mom wanted a Boss Baby theme. On the day of the session, everything was seemed to be not turning out as planned. My black balloons were more like purple so I had to run to the store 30 minutes before the session time to get a true black balloon. I got back just in time for this little fellow’s parents but we were in for another twist. Baby boy had just fell asleep on the drive and the cake mom was trying to make didn’t turn out like she wanted and if you are from PEI you know how hard it is to find a cake decorator last minute or at all.. ( ok someone please come to PEI and start a cake decorating business id love you forever) I suggested we just use cookies to go with the cake boss theme and suggested coming back an hour later when baby got some more sleep.. (Never wake a sleeping baby for a photo shoot. Worst thing in the world lol.) So they came back an hour later with a cake with cookies that matched our set perfect and I had more time to get some finishing touches on the set. Baby woke up happy. The day flipped around and we had an amazing session. This little guy was so much fun to photograph and big sister was such a huge help. Big sister got to try some of the cake as well and she helped feed her brother. He really loved splashing in the bath after he got all messy. It has a great photo shoot. Here are some of moms favorite pictures.

One year old baby boy
sweet little boylook who is oneStanding one year oldCookies are for closersBig sister helping with feed brotheryahoo hes oneyummy cake smash
Yahoo cake smash boySplash and bathBath time after eating messy cake slash!!