Creative Family Photos

Creative Family Photos

siblings deep in concentration while they paint each otherI was so excited when Carron emailed me wanted to book not just one session but three! She wanted a paint session and each of her children to have a milk bath session.  We planned on primary colors for their paint session. I love these colors because they will never go out of style. I thought it would be fun to have the kids paint each other and show each other their portrait. I love the expressions when they finally revealed what they created. They really worked hard on their art work. See the concentration in this photo.

What little girl does't love a mermaid tail!We got so many great shots with their paint session but it wasn’t over after we put the paints away. We tried to get as much paint off them as we could (they were covered from head to toe lol) Then we did two milk bath sessions, Big sister got to do a flower bath session with some of her favorite colors. When she was in the bath I asked her if she liked mermaids. She said she did and I let her in on my plan to try my best to photoshop a mermaid tale on her! she was thrilled and it was a fun surprise to show her mom are our ordering appointment a few weeks later.

Fruit loop bath timeLittle Brother had a really yummy kind of milk bath with fruit loops!! He has a blast and kept asking if he could eat them.  Big sister has fun pouring the fruit loops on him and he thought it was just so much fun. These photos truly are creative family photos. They are one of a kind and every session is completely different because the kids made their backdrops. Check out just a small sneak peek from this session. They had a huge gallery to choose from but these are some of their favorites.

Time to relieve! Creative Paint Photo Shootthings are about to get messyFlower milk bath Paint session boyfruitloop milk bathPaint session paint photoshootPaint photo shootsiblings hugspaint session swimming in fruit loops photo