Tea party for 3

My unicorn sessions happen once a year and they are always so magical!! I hold them outdoors at my studio located right outside Charlottetown, PEI. This is such a special time and I’m so grateful we live in a day in age where we can capture these moments and print them as artwork for our homes.  Amanda (the horses’ trainer/mother) and I get so excited planning these sessions for the children because we know that it’s a little magical moment of their childhood that they will surely remember for a long time. Most of the little girls ask if they truly are unicorns. I find this question so hard to answer because for that moment in time they are real unicorns.

I have the privilege of having these three adorable children come join me for a tea party. Here are a few of moms  favorite images from there session. They loved the unicorns and I couldn’t fool them, They knew they were not real Unicorns 🙂
Unicorn tea party unicorn tea partytea party for three
siblings with unicorn sisters with unicorn fairy unicorn sisters swingsister swing unicorn swing unicorn
If you’re interested in booking a unicorn session for next year please send me a message at dawnofdestiny@live.ca or contact me for a private unicorn session.